The Ultimate Gift Guide For Cat Lovers - 2019

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The Ultimate Gift Guide For Cat Lovers - 2019

Our latest and greatest 2019 gift guide for cat lovers is here! The Made By Cleo crew has rounded up some of our favorite gift picks for the kitties, cat ladies, cat dudes, feline-loving kiddos AND the home. Lots of stocking stuffer ideas are included in the mix as well. We hope you enjoy the guide (these picks work year-round, not just for Christmas)!

Cat Lover Gifts — for the Fur Babies (Cats & Kittens)

Christmas Catnip Mini Stockings,
StarkRavingCat, Etsy

If Santa can't make it to the house this year, take over his job and leave the kitties a stocking full of catnip-infused goodies. This reusable mini stocking comes with two felt catnip stockings. Santa wishes he could have gifts this purrfect! Prices begin at $41.50

Pinot Meow CatWine,
Pet Wine Shop

It's not considered drinking alone if you're with your cats, right? This liquid catnip blend is designed to replicate a vintage wine so that you and your cat may sip together in peace.  $10

The RippleRug,
The Ripple Rug by Snuggly Cat

With multiple function activity centers, the Ripple Rug guarantees your kitty infinite entertainment. Watch as your kitty has interactive play on a non-slip bottom carpet made with recycled plastic bottles. $39.99

Custom engraved pet ID tags - shipped fast to your door.

Custom Engraved Pet ID Tags (12 Styles), Made By Cleo®

Personalize your cat collar, kitten collar or small dog collar with a beautiful custom engraved pet ID tag to ensure your pet always has a ticket home if ever lost. Available in 12 styles — fast shipping! From $7.95

Shop from 300+ unique cat collars, bow ties & accessories.

Designer Cat Collars, Kitten Collars,
Bow Ties + Accessories,
Made By Cleo®

The ultimate destination for American quality-made pet collars & accessories for cats, kittens & little dogs — Made By Cleo collars are not only fun & beautiful to look at (and feel good), but are also safe, practical and top-of-the-line quality. Shop from 300+ designer styles available in multiple collar sizes (in both cat & dog collar versions), with custom hardware options and coordinating bow tie and flower corsage accessories! $14 and up.

Cat Collar Charms & Bells,
Made By Cleo®

Accessorize any cat or small dog collar with fun & stylish charms and decorative bell accessories. Collar charms make wonderful pet gifts — adding a little extra personality and a special custom look. These charms & bells are lightweight and easy to put on or remove. Shop from dozens of unique styles & colors.
$2.95 and up

Futuristic Cat Tree,
Front Pet

Four platforms and a food bowl platform make this natural wood finish cat tree a step above other cat trees. This stylish cat tree is non-intrusive and blends in with your current decor. $299.99

Airline ApprovedPet Carrier, 
Pawfect Pets

Airline travel is now easier for both you and your pet. With three colors to choose from, the Pawfect Pets Pet Carrier is a compact carrier with top and side loading, a sturdy frame, and visibility to calm your pet. No more travel woes. $39.99

Laptop CatScratching Pad, 
Uncommon Goods

Does your kitty dream of learning how to code? Do you grow tired of claw marks in your couch? The Laptop Cat Scratch Pad lets your cat vent out their frustrations while keeping your furniture fresh and scratch-free. Maybe now the kitties won't sit on your laptop! $35.00

Senses 2.0 SelfGroomer,

Don't have time for a full service groom? The Self Groomer from Catit is a wall-mounted brush with a catnip compartment to attract kitties and collect loose hair. Adhesive stripes make for easy installation. $4.99

Cat Crib Adjustable CatHammock,
Haus Panther

A cozy, hidden nook for kitties that takes no space in your house. With the ability to be installed under a chair or table, this soft fleece hammock gives kitties a quiet space to nap....or plot world domination. $35.00

Interactive CatFeeder,
Catch by Northmate, Chewy

No more hungry kitty meows! The Interactive Cat Feeder from Northmate helps prolong eating time for cats as well as stimulate your kitty's natural instinct to play and catch food with paws. $29.99

Lilo Modular 3-Story Cat Tower
by Trixie, Chewy

A three story comfy kitty condo! This scratch-and-nap kitty tree features a modular design that offers purrfection at every level. When can we move in? $133.07

Nest Egg,
My Three Cats

If they can't catch the birds, at least they can imitate them in the NestEgg raised lounge pad. Hairpin legs elevate this mid-century modern inspired cat lounge, while the bowled pod comfortably accommodates restful kitties.  $119.99

AmbushInteractive Electronic Cat Toy,
Pet Fusion

Get lit this holiday season with this LED rotating feather cat toy. Multicolor turkey feathers randomly switch positions to entice your kitty's instinct to hunt, while the LED lights allow for night play. $25.95

Wooden Cat TreatDispenser
by JT Woodworks, Etsy

A simple, natural wood interactive cat treat and food dispenser. Cats are challenged to retrieve their treat from inside the dispenser by pawing aside the wooden rollers. Custom sizing available! $30.00

Milo CatTree,
Tuft and Paw

A jungle gym for your pretend jungle kitties! Made of natural birch plywood, the Milo Cat Tree is designed for multiple-cat households with its multiple treehouses, perches, and even a slide. A bonus? The sleek design looks refined. $949.00

Wine and Cheese Catnip 7-Piece Toy Set by Munchiecat, Amazon

Invite your kitty to your next dinner party for a deluxe, gourmet wine and cheese meal. This plush 7-piece set is filled with organic catnip, meaning playtime now has a touch of elegance and class. Bottoms up! $31.99

Scandi Design MiniPyramid Catnip Toy,

Handmade in Germany, this Scandi mini pyramid set is a cozy and vividly-colored cat toy filled with catnip designed with a geometric pattern. The Scandinavian-inspired pattern creates a harmonious addition to your home decor. 19.90€ = About $22 USD

Mid Century Modern Cat Two-Bowl Feeder
by WoodPETker, Etsy

Mealtime not only tastes good, but looks good with the mid-century modern two-bowl cat feeder. Twelve color options and two height options allow this feeder to be completely customizable. A third bowl is designed to be a planter, and oat and meadow grass seeds are included. $90.00

Fish andChews Toy,
Tuft and Paw

Tap into your kitty's love for fish with the Fish and Chews wood and cotton rod toy. This natural-hue toy has a chewable birch rod. Available in 5 colors. $29.00 

Three TieredKitty Christmas Tree 
by Kitty City, Amazon

Indulge your kitty's desires to play with the Christmas tree. Kitty City has designed a cat-friendly climbing tree that is worth of a visit from Santa. Plush nap pads mean these kitties can rest after hours of play. $143.28

Catnip BathWipes,
Whyte Gate

Catnip Bath Wipes reduce hairballs, dander, and allergens. Made with natural ingredients, including catnip oil, it's a fun and safe addition to your cat's daily routine. Simply wipe your cat from head to tail and they'll love the catnip scent. This is especially helpful for older or obese cats who need a helping hand with their self-grooming. Manufactured with love by Whyte Gate, a small family business in Chicago, IL.

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Kitty Chase Interactive Laser Cat Toy
Iconic Pet

We know cats sleep most of the day, but are their sleeping habits normal? The Kitty Chase Interactive Laser Cat Toy wakes kitties from their slumber for some much-needed playfulness with its 360 laser patterns and combinations. $16.95

Shorthair Grooming Kit,

Keep your kitty's fur healthy and clean. This grooming kit provides all the necessities for daily grooming in a handy and compact canister. Also available in "Longhair". $39.99

Zen PetFountain
by Drinkwell, Chewy

This Christmas, give your cat the gift of clean and fresh water. The Zen Pet Fountain allows for one gallon of continually filtered and aerated water. The stainless steel bowl's waterfall like design entices pets to drink more water, more often.  $46.95

TurboScratcher Cat Toy
by Bergan, Chewy

Let your kitty stretch their claws with the Turbo Scratcher Cat Toy. A corrugated cardboard center with a circle outer track and ball helps reduce boredom and anxiety. Included catnip enhances playfulness. $9.69

Cat Cave Pet Bed,
Cat Cave Co.

Hand felted, made with Merino wool, and naturally dyed make the Cat Cave Pet Bed an sustainable and stylish choice for your cat's new pet bed. Beds can accommodate up to 23 pounds and come in a variety of color/style. How relaxing! $59.99

Modest Cat Litter BoxPrivacy Screen
by Petfusion, Amazon

Privacy and personal space for both you and your pet. This stylish bamboo frame, scratch proof paneled screen hides litter boxes and the spread of litter. $59.95

Hot PursuitCat Toy
by SmartyKat, Target

Encourage your kitty's natural desire to stalk prety. The Hot Pursuit Cat Toy has moving lights and an erratic moving wand to simulate hidden prey. Two speeds allow this toy to suit your kitty's preferences. $16.99

Cat Lover Gifts — For the Stylish Home (Kitchen, Decor & Walls)

"All You Need is Love and a Cat Named..." Metal Wall Decor,

It's true. Love and a happy kitty make for a good life. This personalized black and white wall art lets you proclaim your love for your feline friend while adding some personality and charm to your home. $29.99

 Wool CatPlanter,
theYarnKitchen, Etsy

With 28 color options to choose from, this adorable wool Siamese cat planter is perfect for succulents and airplants. The sleeping kitty face is a nice bonus, too. $25.00

Catzilla 2020 WallCalendar,
World Market

Run for your lives! This 16 month calendar features our favorite four-legged creature in a spoof on Godzilla. Catzilla wreaks havoc in various urban environments while providing months of laughter and entertainment. $14.99

Custom Felt Pet Portrait
by ForeverbyK, Etsy 

Made to order specifically for you, this six-inch wool felted embroidery hoop is designed to look like man or woman's best friend. Cute, classy, and definitely original. Prices begin at $55.00

My Kind ofPerson Bowl,

Declare yourself as a cat enthusiast and make meal time more enjoyable with this whimsical decaled stoneware bowl. The refreshing black and white graphic is completed by the vibrant red interior. $14.00

Personalized Cat Moon Family Plaque
by The Bespoke Workshop 1, Etsy

A made to order oak wood family plaque in the shape of a crescent moon with each family member represented as a name-engraved cat. A customizable silver mirrored star lies atop the cats with any word or phrase of your liking. $34.32 

There's, like, a Bunch of Catsin Here" Doormat
by The Cheeky Doormat, Etsy

Let your guests know what exactly to expect when they visit your house. This frank, but humorous, doormat prepares your visitors for snuggles and plenty of meows. $45.00

Cat Composition Art,
Uncommon Goods

From illustrator Patricia Carlin comes a special piece of artwork that features poems written by Martin Geller celebrating your kitty's unique traits based on their distinctive breed. Each Cat Composition comes with an Ailurophile seal or a "official cat person" seal. Prices range from $40-100.00

Bambina Cat Frame,
 ANNA New York

Liven your home's decor with fond memories in a rose quartz silver cat frame. Brazilian gemstones are inlaid in the cat ears, adding a touch of elegance and class to this charming frame. $75.00

Andy Cat Wall Art,

UK Artist and Illustrator, Jo Chambers, created "Andy Cat", a playful and vibrant illustration of a green-eyed kitty. Printed on fine art paper using archival ink, "Andy Cat" comes in a wood frame with a UV plexiglass. $148.00

Cat and Mouse CheeseBoard,
by Michael Aram, Nordstrom 

Spark conversation among a light snack with a 24k gold and nickel-plated granite cheese board featuring hand-sculpted cat and mouse figures. Snacking suddenly feels more refined. $250.00

Kitty Bud Vase,
Urban Outfitters 

Liven up your space with fresh flowers and a fabulous ceramic white cat vase that all your friends will ask about. Purrfect as a gift, too! $12.00

Cat Lover Gifts — For the Chic Fashionistas

Cat Toy Money Pouch
by Xenotees, Etsy

Place your savings in a subtle, but totally-nonchalant zip pouch that guarantees your kitties are getting a shopping spree soon. This hemp blend tote is screen printed and features a customizable colored zip. $16.95

14k Gold Plated Sterling Silver Cat Studs
by Monty Jewelry, Etsy

Adorn your ears in the finer things of life: cats. This handmade 14k gold cat studs are sweet as they are delicate. Monty Jewelry donates a portion of all sales to animal shelters. $32.00

Miss Meow Midi Dress,

A retro-inspired burgundy midi dress with a black cat-and-polka dot motif. This darling dress is purrfectly feminine with an adjustable waist cinch and a velvet collar bow. $89.00

Cat Lady Temporary Tattoo
by Tattoorary, Etsy

Want to test out how a tattoo would look on your body or just want to show off your favorite four-legged buddy? A high quality temporary "Cat Lady" tattoo can do just the trick. Oil or alcohol helps aid an easy removal. $4.00

"I Work Hard So My Cat Can Have A Better Life" Tote Bag 
by Purple Tree Designs UK, Etsy

Let everyone know the truth about your four-legged friends with this monochromatic screen printed cotton tote. Long handles guarantee easy of use. P.S.: "Cat" is customizable to have an "S" or no "S". $16.43

Velour "Cat Lady" Jacket
by Miss Patina, Cat Fashionista

Stylish, chic, and straight to the point. This midnight blue cropped zip velour jacket features embroidered "Cat Lady" on the back. The front left chest has "MP" embroidered, so you're always repping a cool-approved Cat Lady brand. $100.00

SuperBreak Cool Cats Backpack
by Jansport, Tilly's 

Head back to school or work after the holidays in style with this chic mint green backpack. Tiny multicolored kitty faces cover this double compartment backpack. $35.99

"House Cats" Satin Slippers,
Charlotte Olympia 

Slink around the house in ultra cozy and lesiure red satin slippers from Charlotte Olympia. The signature Charlotte Olympia "Kitty" embroidery is featured in gold threading, making for a "feline good time" whenever you wear these slippers. $345.00

Anigram Cat Ring Holder,

Keep your trinkets safe and always nearby. This whimsical shiny copper ring holder can support multiple rings of various sizes. Its padded base protects your surfaces. $8.00

"Cat Person" Estella Sweater, 

Wear your heart on your sleeve...or maybe your chest. The "Cat Person" Estella sweater is a cozy cashmere and wool blend crewneck sweater that certainly attract the best type of people wit its cheeky cat graphic. $110.00

Itty Bitty Kitty Stud,

These single 14k yellow gold studs are tiny decorations for your ears. Always have your best furriend at your side with these mini studs. Can be worn as a pair of alone. $53.00

Monochromatic Hatbox Purse,
Haus Panther

This vintage-inspired monochromatic hatbox purse features a mod cat and polka dot pattern. Made with vegan-friendly materials, this fashionable purse is just the right size to hold all of your essentials. $39.99

Meow Cat Smartphone Crossbody Bag
by Kate Spade, Nordstrom 

With three colors to choose from, the Meow Cat Phone Crossbody Bag is an Italian leather and suede crossbody bag that perfectly fits your phone and credit cards/ID, protected by an adorable kitty. Who can resist? $158.00

Always a Kitsch A-Line Skirt
by Collectif x MC, ModCloth

A little black skirt is always a good idea, but when cats are thrown into the mix, it's a definite must-have! This black A-Line skirt is a high-waisted circle skirt with an adorable printed cat graphic. $59.99

Garden Cat Tee,
Kate Spade

A simple white tee paired with a whiskered garden cat means your casual look just became a little more chic. This pima cotton pull over tee a pink and green garden kitty. How relaxing! $41.00

Box Set of 8 Blank "Cat Lady" Cards by Janet Hill Studio, Etsy

A set of 8 blank cards featuring luxurious cat ladies illustrations by artist Janet Hill that is just perfect for wishing condolences, anniversaries, or even a simple "hi!". $19.00

Personalized Pet Cuff Bracelet,
Amy Waltz 

Keep your furry friends always near your heart with stackable pet cuffs. Details like choice of metal, finish, font, and texture allow this cuff to be completely personalized to your taste. Prices range from $76-$110.

Forever Smart Cat Crewneck Sweater,
Banana Republic

Smart, chic, and cozy after every wear. This dark grey crewneck sweater features a white kitty with glasses and a red turtleneck sweater. Suddenly, we're wishing to be as fashionable as this cat. $55.00

Cat Lover Gifts — For Guys (Boyfriend, Husband, Dad, Brother, Son, Buddy...)

"Catnip Freakout!" Poster
by exbf, Etsy

This fun atomic style posted inspired by 1950s cinema posters warns about the dangers of "Catnip Freakout". You've heard about the zoomies, but what about Catnip Freakout? Hang this poster to (jokingly) warn your kitties about catnip! $16.00

Guys Can Be Cat Ladies Too,
Barnes and Nobles 

Say it loud, say it proud! This funny, all-access guide for men reminds us that man's best friend can also be a cat. Read more for tips on how to understand our aloof feline friends. $14.69

Christmas Pets Flannel Pajama Set,
Old Navy

Get comfortable this holiday season with a flannel pajama set featuring "Christmas Pets". Soft brushed cotton flannel is contrasted with tonal piping, cuffed long sleeves, and a front patch pocket. $20.00

Personalized Sterling Silver Cat Cufflinks by huiyitan, Etsy

Dress up a suit or tuxedo with a pair of small sterling silver cat-shaped cufflinks. These handmade cufflinks are customizable to have up to four characters on each cufflink.Prices start at $71.39

Stainless Steel Cat Bottle Opener
by Munkees, Walmart

Open a cold one with the dudes or the family this holiday season with a sleek stainless steel bottle opener in the shape of a cat. A keychain holder allows this bottle opener to always be close when needed. $6.73

"Probably the Best Cat Dad in the World" Apron
by Gifted Turtles UK, Etsy 

Prevent cooking stains and messes with this humble graphic apron. While the cat man in your life is most likely the best cat dad, be safe with this chucklesome apron. $27.44

Of Cats and Men: Profiles of History's Great Cat-Loving Artists, Writers, Thinkers and Statesmen,
Barnes and Nobles 

A charming and witty gift book full of illustrations of history's greatest male cat lovers. While this book pays tribute to some of history's great men, it pays tribute to the most important aspect: their pure and enduring love of cats. $15.27

Cat-Shaped Brass Bike Bell,
My Three Cats

Notify cars, pedestrians, and other passerbys of your arrival with this compact brass bike bell. The sprung thumb level guarantees a powerful ring. $15.95

Stainless Steel Cat Shower Caddy,
Urban Outfitters

Store your shower essentials at close reach with this stainless steel cat outline shower caddy. The kitty tail wraps around the shower head and suctions to the wall. Squeaky clean, or should we saw pawfectly? $49.00

Cat Lovers Gift Set,
Stray Cat Social Club

Gift a curated and customizable gift set from Stray Cat Social Club. Add a cool cat patch to your favorite denim jacket or chill out in an embroidered cat tee. Three gift set options available. Prices range from $30.00 to $75.00

Sleepy Cat Paperweight,
Uncommon Goods

Hand blown glass paperweights from April Wagner help keep papers neat, tidy, and chicly organized. Three kitty color options are available, each curled up with their head on their tails. Organization never looked so cute. $45.00

How to Make Your Cat an Internet Celebrity: A Guide to Financial Freedom,
Barnes and Nobles

Not sure how to make your kitty an Internet influencer? This humorous guide outlines the steps to take to make your cat become "Instagram famous". Tips and diagrams make this guide feel hands-on and a valuable resource. $11.98

Cat Lover Gifts — For the Kiddos (Child / Niece / Nephew)

Glow in the Dark Cat Tunic,

Show off your cool hot pink tunic---even in the dark! This glow-in-the-dark tunic features a peering black kitty whose eyes glow when the lights are turned off. The back features curled tail. $38.00

Multicolored Kitties Grey Top
by BillieBlush,

Three kitties are better than one! This multicolored three kitty grey top features a pom-pom on each tail with sparking gold embroidered trim. $37.00

Metallic Sequin Cat Face Bomber,
by Hannah Banana, Bergdorf Goodman

She'll be the talk of the schoolyard in this blush metallic pink bomber with a sequin cat face on the back. White and pink baseball collars and cuffs add for a sweet, feminine touch. $96.00

Goldfish Eye Cat Sweater
by Autumn Cashmere, Neiman Marcus 

A navy blue Merino wool and cashmere crewneck sweater that keeps your kiddo comfy and warm with a knitted cat illustration wearing retro-inspired goldfish sunglasses. $77.00

Cat Vibes Color-In Socks
by Crayola, PBS

Be your own designer with these neat color-in cat socks! Let the inspiration flow as you choose from four different colored markers to use and what designs to fill in. $9.99

Cat Printed Hooded Coat
by Marni - Kids,
Far Fetch

From Marni's children line is an electric pink hooded coat with an abstract swirling cat print. Perfect for all weather and terrain with its hood, pointed collar, and button front, this vivid colored jacket makes us wish there was an adult size, too. $260

Cat Lover Gifts — For Those Who Like Books & Games

Tabron Cat Bookends by Winston Porter (Set of 2), Wayfair

Cat Castles: 20 Cardboard Habitats You Can Build Yourself,
by Carin Oliver, Barnes and Nobles

Entertain your kitty with new habitats that you can make yourself at home. There are 20 DIY habitats, including tips and tricks, that can be made with household materials. Your kitty deserves the finest! $9.99

Cat Greeting Cards, Jamie Shelman Studio

Brain Games: Find the Cat,
Barnes and Nobles 

Challenge your mind (and maybe your patience) with this 125+ picture book to find the hidden kitty. Similar to Where's Waldo, but this time we're searching for a sneaky feline. $7.98

Cat Greeting Cards, Jamie Shelman Studio

Cat Pile,
My Modern Met 

Get the gang together for a fun night of Cat Pile. This cat-themed version of Jenga features six teakwood felines. How high can you stack them? $36.00

Cat Lover: Adult Coloring Book, Amazon

Cat Zodiac 500-Piece Puzzle,
Bas Bleu

With 500 pieces to put together, this Zodiac puzzle features twelve kitties as the twelve Zodiac signs. Each astrological sign comes with a fun insert with personality descriptions. $13.99


I Could Pee On This: And Other Poems By Cats

Cat Stax,

48 challenge cards prompt you to stack and fit the 12 multicolored and various sized kitty pieces. Are you up to the challenge? $15.99

Cat Greeting Cards, Jamie Shelman Studio

Downtown Tabby
by Chris Kelly,
Barnes and Nobles 

This bountiful collection, beautifully illustrated in full color, features articles, fiction, humor, poems, cartoons, cover art, drafts, and drawings from the The New Yorker's archives. $18.55

And last but not least — don't forget the wrapping paper & holiday decor! :-)

European Glass Cat with Scarf Ornament,
Bergdorf Goodman

Celebrate the holidays by decorating the tree with a new favorite ornament. Made of European glass, this holiday kitty wears a red polka dot scarf, and looks perfect on your Christmas tree. $28.00

Old St. Nick Cat Bowl
by Vietri, Nordstrom

This limited edition hand painted bowl by artist Alessandro Taddei features the Italian St. Nick, Babbo Natale, cradling a cozy kitty. Even Santa can't resist a cute kitty! $48.00

Cat Fur-Ever Home Photo Ornament,

This garnet red velvet and glass bead throw pillow lets Santa know that your kitty should definitely be on the "nice" list for Christmas this year. Add this pillow to your Christmas decorating traditions. $68.00

4 Set of Cat Christmas Cards
by Jamie Shelman, Etsy 

Wish your loved ones a happy holiday with a friendly greeting from a spirited kitty. Four assorted best selling cards from artist Jamie Shelman guarantee a smile from every recipient. Price start at $20.00

"Santa, I've Been a Good Cat" Velvet Pillow
by Sudha Pennathur, Saks 5th Avenue 

This garnet red velvet and glass bead throw pillow lets Santa know that your kitty should definitely be on the "nice" list for Christmas this year. Add this pillow to your Christmas decorating traditions. $68.00

"Merry Christmas to the Best Cat Dad" Christmas card
by With Puns, Etsy

Let your cat-lover dad know how much you appreciate him this holiday season with a smooth white paper card designed with a unique illustration. A bonus? You can customize the recipient to be from the kitties themselves! $3.77

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Sizing & Hardware Options

Standard Collar Sizes (listed in inches)

The numbers listed below represent the shortest & longest adjustable length range for the neck size options we offer. We strongly recommend measuring your pet's neck before ordering, if this is your first time. Tip: A simple piece of string or ribbon (or equivalent flexible household item) can be used to assess the collar length your pet needs -- then measure the amount of string you used, laid out flat alongside a straight ruler. Often, customers may not realize their pet is smaller (or larger) than average prior to measuring!

If your pet is in-between sizes, select the closest size from the dropdown menu, but be sure to provide your pet's exact neck size measurements in the "Special Instructions" message box (on the Cart page before checkout) so that our seamstresses can make any necessary custom sizing adjustments to ensure an optimal fit for your pet. We'll take care of it as long as you give us the measurements! :-)

Kitten 6-10" (inches) Fits small cats
Adult Cat 8-13" (inches) Fits average-sized & larger cats
XL Cat 12-16" (inches) Fits extra large, big cats
Tiny Dog 6-10" (inches) Fits very small pups (measure to be sure)
Mini Dog 8-13" (inches) Fits Chihuahuas, Yorkies, toy breeds
Small Dog 12-16" (inches) Fits Beagles, Jack Russell Terriers, Pugs

A Note About Adding Custom Slide Tags to Collars: If ordering a personalized slide tag name plate to be put on your collar, the length of the tag will reduce the maximum length of the collar by 1.5 inches. If your pet's neck size is very close to the maximum of a certain size range and you plan to get a slide tag with the collar - to avoid any fit issues, we recommend ordering the next size up, or adding a note in the "Order Notes" box (located on the Cart page before checkout) to let us know your pet's exact neck size so our studio can make any necessary adjustments as needed.


Collar Terminology & Options

"Size" refers to the collar's adjustable length (in inches).Note: The standard width of the collar will remain the same - either 3/8" or 1/2", regardless of the size/length you select.  (The width can be found in the product description for any specific collar style you are considering).

"Buckle Type" refers to the black or white standard plastic side-release clasp shown in all collar product photos in our store. On every collar product page, you will be given the option to select whether you prefer a "Breakaway" or "Non-Breakaway" plastic buckle clasp. Both types look the same as what you see in the photos — the difference has to do with the internal pronged mechanism, which makes them function differently. See the illustration below to compare the visual differences. Please Note: The details regarding the differences shown below will apply whether it's pertaining to a white or black buckle clasp:

The functional differences are as follows:

"Hardware" accent color refers to the various standard metal components that are part of the pet collar— i.e. the collar length adjuster, the round split ring for cat collars (or D-ring for dog collars), and the included removable bell. Note: The hardware color choices do NOT apply to the plastic buckle clasp - the buckle will always be plastic (unless you specifically order a metal buckle upgrade to go with your collar).