Engraved Pet ID Tag - (12 Styles) - Personalized Tags for Cats, Kittens & Small Dogs

Sizing & Hardware Options


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Make back of tag the same as front


Leave back side blank
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Back side not engraved.
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Associated collar:Slide tags are permanently installed onto our collars and require a collar purchase. Please specify which collar in your cart this slide tag goes on. (e.g. "Linden" or "green collar")

Preview is an approximation of the finished product. Some minor differences in actual tag may apply. Please refer to engraved example photos on this page.

Personalize your cat collar or small dog collar with a beautiful custom engraved pet ID tag to ensure your pet always has a ticket home if ever lost. Available in 12 styles — each of our quality metal pet tags is deeply & clearly engraved using a diamond-tipped stylus with mechanical precision — the lettering will not rub off like shallow laser-etched tag alternatives on the market.

Key Features & Guidelines

  • Engrave on both sides (no extra charge)
  • 12 ID tag styles to choose from, including polished gold / silver options
  • Fits up to 4 lines (for best results, use 1-3 lines)
  • Allows 14 characters per line max (count includes spaces)
  • The less text you use, the better the results. The auto-sizing of text is based on character density, # of lines used and total width of your text.
  • Name & phone number are still considered the #1 most essential and practical info elements for helping a lost pet get found quickly.
  • Engraving features one standard clean & classic font (as shown in product photos). Lettering will be uppercase and auto-centered. First line  text is always larger than the rest.
  • Emoji symbols and non-English letters are not supported (À,Ü,È,Ñ,Ø, ❤ ...)
  • Our ID tag sizes are ideally suited for cats, kittens & small dogs. (See dimensions in tag options reference photo).
  • Shipped tags include metal split ring for attachment
  • Tags can be ordered separately -OR- with any collar / accessory order.
  • ID tags DO NOT come with a free collar. Additionally, a collar purchase does not automatically include a tag. Both a tag and collar must be purchased together if you would like to have both.

To Personalize Your ID Tag(s):

    • Select the tag style you want from the menu of options above.
    • Enter your ID tag info in the designated form above (Line 1, Line 2...).
    • A preview will be displayed. Edit your info as needed until you're satisfied.
    • Proof-read to avoid typos! (Accuracy & correct spelling of information provided is the responsibility of the customer).
    • When you have finalized your tag info, click the "Add to Cart" button to add the tag and saved engraving info to your Shopping Cart.
    • Repeat these steps for each ID tag you wish to purchase.
    • If you need to make changes to your engraving info AFTER you've already added the tag to your Cart, you will need to delete the tag from the Cart first. Then return to this tag product page to add the new, correct information by repeating the same steps as before.
    • The tag preview is a tool to help you plan out the format of your tag text.However, please allow for minor differences when comparing the preview vs. the final actual results. For real tag examples, check out the photo examples on this page for actual representations of the product.

    Leadtimes & Shipping

    • Orders are processed & shipped within 2-4 business days. For details on shipping & current delivery estimates based on your location, please read our FAQ.
    • Expedited processing & shipping options are also available. Select the "Priority..." shipping option during Checkout if you need guaranteed shipment within 24 hrs. (Note: Expedited shipping options may be disabled during holiday closures).


    Handling Typos + Change Requests

    It is very important that you please proof your engraving instructions before submitting your order. The customer is responsible for any typos or incorrect information provided for the order. Note: It does not matter what you "think" you may have entered for the order. Whatever actual information is listed on the order itself (which will appear in your order confirmation email, sent automatically after your order is placed) -- is what our production team will be using to engrave your ID tag.

    Note: Due to our efforts to process and ships our orders quickly, we CANNOT guarantee the ability to honor change requests once your order has been submitted, regardless of how soon you contact us after the order is placed. To see about the possibility of requesting a change, email us ASAP at help@madebycleo.com with the details about your requested change.

    A change order fee of $5 per item will be due for any item that has already been engraved by the time your change request has been reviewed (if you still wish to go through with applying the change).


    A Note About Slide Tags (Guidelines & Reqs):

    • Slide tags are considered a specialty ID tag —they are our best-selling tag option, due to their elegant & sleek profile (and their silent, non-distracting advantages), handy for pets who dislike or are unfamiliar with wearing collars. However, slide tags also have certain unique compatibility requirements & guidelines that differ from the traditional "hanging-tag" options that most people are familiar with. Please note them below before purchasing.
      • Slide tags lie flat & silent on the collar,similar to a nameplate (i.e. they do not hang down and dangle). 
      • Only the front can be engraved. The back will not be visible.
      • A slide tag is permanently attached to the collar it is installed on -- it cannot be removed (unless you cut it off).
      • If you wish for all of your collars to have slide tags on them, please order the same # of slide tags as the # of collars.
      • If you strongly prefer being able to use the same single ID tag on multiple collars, please consider our traditional "hanging" tags (circle / heart tags) instead, which ARE removable and interchangeable.
      • Ordering a slide tag requires that you order it at the same time as a collar purchase from our shop (This is mandatory because it is not physically possible to attach the slide tag AFTER the collar has already been sewn together -- the buckle parts will not fit through the narrow tag slots).
      • When adding a slide tag to your cart, please specify (in the designated form field above) which collar in your order that the slide tag will be paired with. For example, enter a description (e.g. "Blue plaid collar") or the style name (e.g. "Kingston")
      • A slide tag will reduce the maximum adjustable length of the collar it is on by 1.5 inches. That is, your collar's minimum length will remain the same, but the maximum extended length will be shorter by 1.5".
      • If your pet's neck size is already close to the maximum end of the adjustable size range for your collar, please either select the next collar size up, OR add a note in the 'Special Instructions' box indicating the exact current neck size of your pet. (This will allow us to make any necessary adjustments to ensure that the collar fits your pet well (even with the slide tag on).
      • Collars with slide tags on them are considered "custom / non-returnable"items due to the personalized nature of this type of custom modification. "Slide tag collars" cannot be returned for a refund or an exchange simply on the condition that the buyer changed his/her mind or ordered the wrong size. Please order carefully and with certainty when getting this type of custom product.
      • All collars in our store will fit the slide tags we sell in terms of width, regardless of the neck size you choose.
      • If you wish to mail your slide tag from a previous purchase for re-use  or have any other questions that we might be able to assist you with, please email us.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 384 reviews
    Jennifer T.
    Pet ID Tag: Looks great

    Looks fantastic, arrived quickly. Definitely recommend.

    Syed Naqi
    Cat tag

    Amazing quality fast delivery

    Schuyler Polk
    Absolutely adorable

    I loved how the collar turned out - the engraving was beautiful and it had such a cute bell!

    Kati Donahue

    I just love this collar! It’s great quality and fits well. The little gold name plate looks so pretty!

    Tabitha Olsen
    Velvet Collar

    I cannot emphasize enough how beautiful and elegant this collar is. The craftsmanship from the seller is high quality, as is the fabric used. I also got a gold personalized tag that lays flat, which makes the collar look even prettier. I have a calico, with a primarily black and orange coat, which makes the dark Merlot collar pop without being too showy.

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