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Ordering & Shipping

Holiday Shipping Timelines

How long will it take for my order to ship?

How long will it take for delivery?

I need my order by a specific date. Can I expedite the delivery?

How do I request changes to my order (or update my shipping address)?

How do I add an item to an order I already placed (that hasn't shipped yet)?

How do I provide I.D. tag instructions for the tag(s) in my order?

I did not receive an order or shipping confirmation email. Did my order actually go through?

My shipment's tracking results show it was delivered but I did not receive my package. What should I do?

My order has not arrived yet. What should I do?

My order is actually a gift for someone else. Can I include a card with a short message?

I have a special promo code — where do I enter this promo / discount code?

Returns // Exchanges // Cancellations

Can I return an item I ordered?

How do I request an exchange?

How do I cancel an order (or part of an order)?


What forms of payment do you accept?

Do you accept checks?

I have a special promo code — where do I enter this promo / discount code?

Ordering Pet Collars

Where are your products made?

What collar size options are available?

What should I do if my pet is in between sizes?

Can I customize my pet collar length?

Is the length of the collar adjustable?

What is the width of your collars? Can I change the collar width?

How do I measure my pet's neck?

What are your collars made of?

What is the difference between Breakaway vs. Non-Breakaway buckle clasps?

I prefer a Breakaway collar for my cat. Can I order your collars with Breakaway ("Safety") buckle clasps?

I prefer a NON-Breakway buckle clasp instead. Can I order my collar with this type of clasp?

Do you offer an option to upgrade the plastic buckle to a metal version (gold/silver)?

Can I get a metal buckle upgrade in a Breakaway version?

Can I customize the hardware?

What does the Hardware Color dropdown menu refer to (on any collar page)?

I DO want a bell on my collar. Is it included?

I do NOT want a bell on my collar. Can you remove or omit the bell?

Do you offer embroidery for your collars?

Do you do custom orders at all?

Ordering Pet I.D. Tags

Which collar styles will fit the slide / slider tag option?

What I.D. tag styles are available?

What are the engraving guidelines (i.e. how much text can I fit)?

How do I submit the engraving info for my tag(s)?

What if I have multiple tags in an order? How does that work?

What fonts do you offer?

What are your I.D. tags made of?

I would like to order a slide I.D. tag. Can I remove it and put it on other collars later?

Bow Ties, Flower Corsages & Accessories

How large are the bow ties?

How large are the flower corsages?

How do you attach the bow tie or flower to a collar?

Do you have other jingle bell designs (other than the ones that come with the collars)?

Do you have charms that I can add to my collars?

Wholesale Orders

Interested in selling Made By Cleo products for retail?

Advertising, Press & Blog Inquiries

Press inquiries, blog feature opportunities & high-res images

Pet Photos

Got a pet photo or video you want to share?