A refreshing alternative to the big-box pet store collars.


Our cat, Cleo is an indoor / outdoor kitty with an adventurous spirit. During the daylight hours when he is allowed to play outside, it has always been important to us that he have his collar with tags & bell on. The tags are his ticket home if he should ever get lost and the bell keeps the local bird population numbers from dwindling. 

Back in the days before we launched Made By Cleo, we'd occasionally have to to run to the store to buy a replacement collar for Cleo. The style selections at the major pet supply stores were never anything to get excited about, at least not for cat collars. Not only were there so few basic choices to consider, but they also tended to fade and fray quickly. It seemed like a wasted opportunity to make pet collars so utilitarian-looking. We needed Cleo's collar to be functional, durable & safe, but surely it was possible to work some style into the equation?

After too many years of buying unfortunate-looking collars for Cleo, I took matters into my own hands (literally) and applied my sewing skills and professional design background to launch Made By Cleo. 

The goal was simply to offer stylish, quality pet collars made in the U.S.A. at a very affordable price. I also wanted to keep the selection fresh and regularly updated with the changing seasons. I searched and tested all the hardware vendors to find the perfect, resilient safety breakaway buckle that would not pop open too easily. We also added the option to order our collars with non-breakaway buckles for customers with dogs or kitties who go for walks.

 Since starting this business, we have had the pleasure of getting to know so many cool pet owners from all over the world and their adorable feline and canine babies. It is our favorite part of the whole business -- the personal stories, the variety of pet names and the photos & videos our customers have shared over the years.