Shipping & Processing

How long will it take for my order to ship? 

Please allow 1-3 business days for production before shipping. If you select an expedited shipping upgrade, your order will ship within 24 hours of when you placed the order. When your order ships, you will receive an email notification with tracking information for your convenience.

How long will it take for delivery?

U.S. Customers - Orders ship via U.S. First Class Mail. Please allow approximately 2-4 working postal days from ship date for delivery to locations in the United States. When your order ships, you will receive an email notification with tracking information for your convenience.
International & APO Customers - please allow 12-14 business days for U.S. International First Class mail delivery. When your order ships, you will receive an email notification with tracking information for your convenience. If you are in Canada, Australia or the UK, you may receive your package a little faster than the estimated time (often within 8-14 days), but we cannot guarantee it. Packages may sometimes even take 3 weeks for delivery. Do not be discouraged if your shipping tracking information does not update location for a few days after it has reached the Chicago or New York customs checkpoint. Often, it has already reached the destination country's mail system -- it is just that the tracking info may not yet have updated to our system. (Note: International Buyers, you are responsible for any VAT and import fees and taxes that your country may require you to pay. Here is a helpful link but I cannot confirm its accuracy: www.dutycalculator.com )


I need my order by a specific date. Can I expedite the delivery?

If you are located in the U.S., you may select an expedited shipping option — either Priority Mail (1-3 Day) or Priority Mail Express (1-Day / Overnight). Purchasing either expedited option will move your order to the front of the queue in production, meaning your order is guaranteed to be shipped within 24 hrs of placing the order.*

(*If your order includes a pet tag and your engraving info and any other necessary information is missing from your order, there may be delays in processing your order. In these cases, we will do our best to get in touch with you to get clarification about the order).

I recently placed an order - can I change my shipping address?

Yes, in most cases (unless you wait over a day to change the address), you should be able to change it before it ships out. Email us as soon as possible to update your shipping address. In the event that your package already shipped, you may need to wait until the package is returned (if undeliverable) or arrange to pick it up at the location of the delivery. Please note - if you provide an incorrect shipping address at the time of placing an order and the order has already shipped out --  we have no ability to re-direct the package. Any correction or replacement order is the buyer's financial responsibility.

My order is actually a gift for someone else. Can I include a card with a short message? Sure! During the checkout process, you'll see a box to type special order 'notes'. In this box, please mention that your order is a gift and include your short message. We'll include a little handwritten card with your special message, free of charge.



What collar sizes do you offer? 

All styles in our shop can be ordered in the following 4 sizes:

• KITTEN (6-10")
Fits kittens + smaller adult cats (approx. 4-10 lbs)

• ADULT CAT (8-13")
Fits cats (approx. 8-18 lbs): Suitable for average-sized + larger (or extra-spoiled kitties)

• MINI DOG (8-13")
Fits most toy / miniature dog breeds including: Chihuahua, Mini Dachshund, Papillon, Maltese, Pomeranian, Mini / Toy Poodle, Shih Tzu, Mini Schnauzer, Yorkshire Terrier...

• SMALL DOG (12-16")
Fits small / medium-sized dog breeds including: Beagle, Jack Russel Terrier, Boston Terrier, French Bulldog, Cocker Spaniel, Pug, Poodle...

What are the widths of your styles? Our collars come in either 3/8 or 1/2 inch width. Please consult the style's product description for details.

Is the length adjustable? Yes. Simply slide the metal adjuster to extend or shorten the length of your collar. The length range is listed according to the size option you select.

How do I measure my pet's neck size? To measure your pet's current neck size, use a flexible measuring tape or a piece of string (then measure with a straight ruler). Allow enough extra room to fit two of your fingers between the collar and your pet's neck. This will ensure your pet's comfort when wearing the collar.

What should I do if my pet is in between sizes? If your pet is in between sizes and still growing, get the larger of the two options you're considering. If your pet is done growing, just include a note in the special 'ordering notes' box during checkout indicating your pet's neck size and we'll make sure the collar size is modified to optimally fit your pet with an adjustable range.


Warranty | Exchanges & Returns

We want to make sure you and your pet are happy with your Made By Cleo purchase. If there is an issue with your order, please contact us within 15 days of your order to resolve the matter.

If your collar is the wrong size and you would like to request an exchange, please email us immediately to let us know. We will provide a mailing address for you to return the item (must be in new, unused & resellable condition). The replacement item will be shipped to you within 3-5 days of our receipt of the returned item. We do not accept exchanges for reasons relating only to style preferences.

If you received a defective item or there is an error concerning your order, contact us and we will work with you to quickly correct the situation.

Returns & Cancellations
To cancel an order or return an item for a refund, please email us at info@madebycleo.com. We will issue a full refund if your order has not shipped yet. If it has already shipped, you will need to return the items first, in order to get a refund (less the original shipping cost). Made By Cleo reserves the right to determine what % of the original purchase will be refunded if the return is approved. Shipment of returned items are the responsibility of the buyer. All returns must be in new, resellable condition to be approved for a refund. Engraved tags are non-refundable.

Exclusions: Engraved I.D. tags, bow ties, flower accessories, collars with metal buckle upgrades and collars with slide tags installed on them cannot be exchanged and are non-refundable. Dog collar orders with breakaway buckles, and cat collars with NON-breakaway buckles also do not qualify for an exchange or refund, as this is considered a specialty, made-to-order item.

***Exchanges, returns & claims against defects or errors must be made within 15 days of receipt of your order.***

Made By Cleo shall NOT be liablefor any and all claims, losses, expenses, injuries, or damages arising out of or associated with its products.

Hardware & Materials

What is the difference between a Breakaway / Safety buckle and a Non-Breakaway one?

Both our Breakaway and Non-Breakaway Buckle Clasps look virtually the same as what you see in the product photos (black or white plastic clasp), but they work differently. The breakaway type is the more common version used for cat collars. It's also commonly called a 'Safety' or 'Quick Release' collar — when tugged on (with a decent amount of pressure), the buckle auto-releases to allow the pet to easily escape in an emergency without a human's aid. This could be beneficial if a cat had its collar stuck on something (like a fence, or in a fight with another animal outside, etc.).

The Non-Breakaway buckle type is most typical for dog collars -- it does NOT release when tugged at. Only a human can open it. This type is important to have if you plan to walk your pet on a leash.

We have many cat & dog owners who purchase the Non-Breakaway buckles because they either intend to walk their pet on a leash outside or prefer to avoid the possibility of losing their pet collars inside or outside. Ultimately - the decision is up to you.

I don't want a bell on my collar. Can you remove or omit the bell? The bell is optional and always removable. If you prefer that we omit it, just indicate your preference in the order notes during checkout. Also, if you are getting a dog collar and want us to include a bell (which we DON'T include by default for dogs), please let us know in your order notes.

What are your collars made of? We use quality materials with an emphasis on balancing comfort & durability with a clean look (i.e. no loose threads or scratchy bits). Our collars are strong, lightweight and proudly made in the USA. We use ribbon or fabric for the styled facing of the collar and durable nylon webbing for the backing. The supporting hardware is available in either gold or silver. 

- Our cat collars include a metal split ring (as shown in photos) for attaching optional tags/bell + metal adjuster. 

- Our dog collars include a metal D-ring (for attaching a leash or tags) + metal adjuster.

I like the sparkly glitter collars but don't want a mess - do your sparkle collars shed glitter? Our sparkle collars are made of a velvet-like material with a metallic woven pile. It is NOT the glitter kind that rubs off like sand and gets on every exposed surface. (We would go crazy if that was the case)! The sparkle material does not shed.

Pet I.D. Tags

I would like to order a slide I.D. tag. Can I remove it and put it on other collars later?Because our slide tags do not have open hooks and must be sewed into the collars before shipping, it would not be practical to remove the tag to use it on another collar unless you wanted to mail the original collar back to us for transfer onto a new collar you intend to order. (Note: If you did this, the original collar would no longer be usable). 

For tags that can be transferred to different collars, we recommend choosing any of our non-slide I.D. tags, available in a number of colors in heart & circle shapes.

What styles will work with a slide tag? Any collar style in our shop will fit our slide tags.

Do you offer embroidery for your collars? No, we do not currently offer embroidery services. If you would like a similar effect (where your pet's name & info are stitched into the collar without the need for dangling tag), please consider our slide tag option.

What fonts do you offer? We offer one font and uppercase lettering to ensure maximum visibility & clarity. Examples of the text style can be seen in the I.D. tag product photos.

What are your I.D. tags made of? Our colored tags are made of anodized aluminum. The polished silver ones (including slide tags) are nickel-plated brass. The gold polished ones are brass. The silver & gold tags can be kept looking new by occasionally polishing with a soft cloth. For extra dirty tags, use Comet and a non-abrasive scrubber to make them shiny again.


Custom Orders

Can I customize my pet collar length? Yes, we can make your collar any size between 6-16" in length. For anything outside of that range, please email us if you have a special request. Otherwise, just specify what you'd like in the order notes box during checkout and we'll contact you to confirm that the order is do-able.

Can I change the collar width? No. At this time, the only widths we offer are 3/8" and 1/2" widths. Please see each style for details on its width.

Can I customize the hardware? You can choose whether you want gold or silver-toned hardware when adding any collar to your cart. For any special requests regarding hardware (or if your pet has a metal allergy), please email us.



What forms of payment do you accept? We accept all major Credit Cards & PayPal.

Do you accept checks? No. At this time, we do not accept mailed checks. We apologize for any inconvenience.


Wholesale Orders

Interested in selling Made By Cleo products for retail? Please read our Wholesale page for more details.


Advertising, Press & Blog Inquiries

For press inquiries, blog feature opportunities & high-res images,please fill out the form on our Contact page or email us directly.


Pet Photos

Got a pet photo or video you want to share? Yes please! Feel free to email us. We'd love to see 'em. Or, post it on Facebook or Instagram and tag us @madebycleo. Hashtag: #madebycleo

Stay In Touch

Sizing & Hardware Options

Standard Collar Sizes (listed in inches)

The numbers listed below represent the shortest & longest adjustable length range for the neck size options we offer. We strongly recommend measuring your pet's neck before ordering, if this is your first time. Tip: A simple piece of string or ribbon (or equivalent flexible household item) can be used to assess the collar length your pet needs -- then measure the amount of string you used, laid out flat alongside a straight ruler. Often, customers may not realize their pet is smaller (or larger) than average prior to measuring!

If your pet is in-between sizes, select the closest size from the dropdown menu, but be sure to provide your pet's exact neck size measurements in the "Special Instructions" message box (on the Cart page before checkout) so that our seamstresses can make any necessary custom sizing adjustments to ensure an optimal fit for your pet. We'll take care of it as long as you give us the measurements!

Kitten 6-10" (inches) Fits small cats
Adult Cat 8-13" (inches) Fits average-sized & larger cats
XL Cat 12-16" (inches) Fits extra large, big cats
Tiny Dog 6-10" (inches) Fits very small pups (measure to be sure)
Mini Dog 8-13" (inches) Fits Chihuahuas, Yorkies, toy breeds
Small Dog 12-16" (inches) Fits Beagles, Jack Russell Terriers, Pugs

A Note About Adding "Slide" Tags to Collars: If ordering a personalized slide tag name plate to be put on your collar, the length of the tag will reduce the maximum length of the collar by 1.5 inches. If your pet's neck size is very close to the maximum of a certain size range and you plan to get a slide tag with the collar - to avoid any fit issues, we recommend ordering the next size up, or adding a note in the "Order Notes" box (located on the Cart page before checkout) to let us know your pet's exact neck size so our studio can make any necessary adjustments as needed.


Collar Terminology & Options

"Size" refers to the collar's adjustable length (in inches).Note: The standard width of our collars is 1/2", regardless of the size option / length you select. To see a quick demo on how to adjust the size of your pet collar and achieve an optimal fit, watch the video below.


"Buckle Type" refers to the black or white standard plastic side-release clasp shown in all collar product photos in our store. On every collar product page, you will be given the option to select whether you prefer a "Breakaway" or "Non-Breakaway" plastic buckle clasp. Both types look the same as what you see in the photos — the difference has to do with the internal pronged mechanism, which makes them function differently. See the illustration below to compare the visual differences. Please Note: The details regarding the differences shown below will apply whether it's pertaining to a white or black buckle clasp:

The functional differences are as follows:

"Hardware" accent color refers to the various standard metal components that are part of the pet collar— i.e. the collar length adjuster, the round split ring for cat collars (or D-ring for dog collars), and the included removable bell. Note: The hardware color choices do NOT apply to the plastic buckle clasp - the buckle will always be plastic (unless you specifically order a metal buckle upgrade to go with your collar).